BlueAir Environmental Engineering, LLC
Delivering the Energy Savings that Building Owners demand with the comfort that Occupants thrive in.


What does your building need to succeed? We start with your requirements and build from there. Our goal is to reduce the amount of energy your building uses and increase the intelligence of each building system we touch. What do we mean by building intelligence? Through our custom created software we show how your current system can save money and then seamlessly integrate every system across a facility to allow intelligent "data based" decisions campus wide. What can intelligent "data based" decisions do for me? Properly Integrated system can create an intelligence which shares information securely across multiple facility systems, allowing for a complete view of campus safety, equipment maintenance, and true environmental factors. Having a full oversight of all data through our integration, we can then help to improve overall campus safety, reduce unnecessary/surprise maintenance calls, and help to protect the environments that system serves. Want more information on what systems we do integrate? We have done it all, just about, and we integrate most systems without replacing or ripping out existing hardware. With this philosophy, we can integrate systems seamlessly with little or no down time. Contact us for more info.